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Wistanstow Parish Council


The Parish Council is required under the Transparency Code to provide details of payments over £100, Summary of Accounts, Annual Governance Statement Internal Audit Report and details of Public Land and Buildings owned by the Parish Council

Notice of Public Rights of Inspection Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018-19 Wistanstow-Notice-of-Audit.pdf 732.1 KB Accountability, Governance, Internal Audit Return 2018-19 Wistanstow-Governance-and-Accountability-Return,-Internal-Audit-Report.pdf 4 MB Summary of Accounts 2018-19 Wistanstow-Summary-of-Acounts-2018-19.pdf 229.3 KB Payment over £100 2018-19 wistanstow-Payments-over-£100-2018-2019-.pdf 12.8 KB Precept 2019-20 Precept-2019-20.pdf 20.5 KB Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017-18 Annual-Governance-and-Accountability-Return-2017-18-Wistanstow.pdf 4.7 MB Notice of Public Rights Of Inspection Accounts for the year Ended March 2018 Wistanstow-Audit.pdf 729.1 KB Audit Certificate of Exemption certificate-of-exemption-Wistanstow.pdf 811.9 KB Precept Details 2018-19 Precept-2018-19.pdf 22.4 KB Payments 2017-18 Payments-2017-18.pdf 9.4 KB Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights accounts for the year 2016/17 wistanstow-notice.pdf 559.4 KB Payments 2016-2017 wistanstow-2016-2017---Payments.pdf 19.4 KB Precept Requirements 2017-18 Precept-2017-18.pdf 38.8 KB Precept Requirements 2016-2017 Precept-2016-17.pdf 17.1 KB Audite Governace and Financial Statement 2015-16 Wistanstow-PC-Audited-Annual-Governance-Statement-2015-16.pdf 5 MB Summary of Payments 2015-16 summary-of-payments-2015-16.pdf 14.3 KB Audited Governace and Financial Statement 2014-15 Annual-Governance-and-Financial-Statement-2014-15.pdf 3.4 MB Parish Councils Risk Assessment Parish-Council-Risk-AssessmentCSPC(2).pdf 333 KB Pre Audited Annual Governance and Financial Statement 2016-17 Wistanstow-Governance-2016-17.pdf 4.6 MB

The Parish Council owns no Property or Land

The Parish Council maintains a Closed Cemetery at All Saints Church Wistanstow

Section 137 of the Local Authorities Act for 2016/17 is set at £7.42