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Wistanstow Parish Council



Clerk: Mr C E Williams 2 Jockeyfields Ludlow Shropshire SY8 1PU

Email: cewilliams1@btinternet.com www.wistanstowpc.org.uk

A Meeting of Wistanstow Parish Meeting will take place by a Zoom Virtual on Wednesday 27th May 2020 commencing at 7.00pm.
If any members of the public wishes to link into the meeting lease contact the Clerk of the Council who will send an appropriate link.
The meeting will be for 30 minutes and will only deal with urgent items.
1. Apologies: - To Approve Leave of Absence under the six months absence rule for members of the Council not able to join the visual meetings.
2. Declarations of Interest:
Declaration of any disclosable pecuniary interest in a matter to be discussed at the meeting and which is not included in the register of interests. Members are reminded that they are required to leave the room during discussing and voting on matters in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest, whether the interest is entered on the register of members’ interests maintained by the Shropshire Council.
3. Minutes:
To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting.
4. Chairman's items:
Items that need to be brought to the urgent attention of the meeting.
Cancellation of the Annual meeting of the Town Council which will now bot beheld until May 2021, the Chairman and Vice- Chairman will remain in post for the next twelve months.
5. Amenity/Highway Items:
Any urgent items
6. Financial Items:
To approve the Accounts for Payment.
To approve the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20
To approve the provision of online banking facilities and the clerk to become a signatory to the Accounts (see Revised Financial Regulations to be adopted by the Parish Council section 5.3 and 6.7)
7. Planning Items:
To consider Planning Applications that have been received by the Parish Council.
8. Any Urgent Items a Parish Councillor wishes to bring to the attention of the Parish Council.
9. Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting 29th July 2020
C E Williams
Clerk to the Council